Divisions and Leagues

NJ Teen Bible Quiz offers three different, competitive divisions:

A League:

Youth in grades 6-12 study the entirety of the material in a given season season. Competition tends to be more fast-paced and competitive. A League quizzers generally travel more than those in other leagues and are eligible for greater amounts of scholarships. This division ends competition at the National Level.

Middle School League

For younger quizzers in grades 6-8. Typically, only half of the book(s) in a given quiz season are studied and quizzed over. This league consists of quiz teams in the same age category who generally compete at a standardized pace over a lesser amount of material. Ideal for younger or first-year quizzers, the MS League ends competition at the Regional Level.

New Jersey League

For youth in grades 6-12. As only half of the material is studied, the NJ League is ideal for first-year or inexperienced quizzers who are too old for the MS League. The pace is relaxed and this serves as a great introduction to quiz that will excite quizzers to move up to the A league. Competition ends at the District (or State) Level.

Experience League

Bible Quiz is bringing back its new division for the 2015-2016 season that is perfect for beginners! The Acts Experience League quizzers will only be quizzing over Acts Chapters 2, 4, 5 and 9 –  A total of only 169 verses! This jump-start Division could be just what your Church needs to get a Bible Quiz Ministry started or to grow your ministry even further. Anyone can study an average of 28 verses a month; not a lot of memorizaon is required. Click HERE for more details. Competition ends at the League level (meets 1-4)


Geographical Leagues

With over 30 teams in the state, competition is split between a North league, a Central League and a South league, which greatly reduces travel time and adds a level of intrigue to District Finals, where the teams from all over Jersey finally meet at the season’s end. Wherever your church is, we have a league for you!