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The Gospel of Mark Experience

We are excited to announce the NJTBQ Gospel of Mark Experience for the 2017-2018 season! This ministry opens the door for students to build a consistent pattern of readying and studying the Bible daily. We believe this will get even more students engaged in reading the Word….which is why this ministry exists!

What is the Gospel of Mark Experience?

Similar to other forms of Bible Quiz, the G.O.M. Experience is a ministry which encourages a systematic and daily study of God’s word at an individual and group level. Students (grades 6-12) form “teams” at their church and, every 6 weeks or so, participate in local competitions against nearby churches that test teams over the chapter they have studied. These competitions are lots of fun, with an emphasis on fellowship and encouragement. Prizes are given out each at each competition and, at the conclusion of each season, students can be considered for college scholarships.

What would my students have to do to become involved?

The goal of the G.O.M. Experience is to get students to read their Bible every single day. That in and of itself would be enough for the students to do well at the competitions, but, more importantly, to impact their relationship with Christ. Students who want to really challenge themselves can attempt the G.O.M. Memorization Award. This award encourages students to memorize One verse per day, Five days per week for the duration of the season (in addition to their Scripture reading).


Who can lead this ministry at my church?

The G.O.M. Experience (as with other forms of Bible Quiz) is both a discipleship and a mentorship ministry. As such, any adult with a passion for seeing students make Scripture reading and study a part of their everyday life can lead this ministry. It takes very little to be involved in the G.O.M. Experience, but the results make a huge impact.

How do I find out more about G.O.M. Experience?

To find out how to get started, contact Jesse Czubkowski (njbiblequiz@gmail.com). We’d love to help you explore this life changing ministry. For more information about the study timeline for this upcoming season, CLICK HERE.